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Barclays CBDC Hackathon 2022
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CBDC Hackathon 2022

Tuesday, 27 – Wednesday, 28 September
In-person event at Barclays Rise London
41 Luke St, London, EC2A 4DP.


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What are the team size requirements?

  • Teams should comprise of up to four members. One member can optionally be remote/ offsite; all others should join the event in person at Barclays Rise London
What skills are required?
  • It’s a hackathon, so at least some members of the team must be able to code. Teams will be expected to build solutions for the given challenges
  • Familiarity with REST APIs is necessary because the solutions will need to invoke the APIs for the central bank and commercial banks. Participants may also leverage other APIs provided by ecosystems
  • Familiarity with payments (such as account opening and domestic payment processing) is helpful, but is not essential
  • Each team will be given the opportunity to present their solution to the audience, so at least one team member should be comfortable presenting.
What are the technology requirements?
  • Each team will be expected to provide their own hardware (e.g. laptops)
  • Teams are free to choose their own platforms and coding language, or use those supported by Digital Asset, IBM and INDUSTRIA
  • Each team will need to be able to access REST APIs over the public internet.

What additional details do participants need to be aware of?
Additional pre-event materials will be provided in early September, including:

  • API specifications for the APIs used to access the central bank and the commercial banks
  • Code samples and test data demonstrating usage of the APIs
  • Learning materials and access to platforms supported by Digital Asset, IBM and INDUSTRIA
  • One pre-event exercise (set up environment, test API access, create CBDC account).

What will happen on the two days of the event (27-28 September 2022)?

  • Participants can arrive from 08:00 UK time to register and for breakfast. The hackathon will kick off at 09:00
  • Teams will be given the set of use case challenges to solve
  • Teams will have the remainder of Tuesday and up to mid-day Wednesday to complete the use cases
  • Teams will present their solutions to the panel of judges
  • Each team has the opportunity to provide a three-minutes presentation of their solutions to the audience. Note the presentations will be videoed and uploaded to Barclays' public social media channels. Teams have the option of not presenting their solution
  • The winners will be announced at the end of the hackathon event. There will be prizes and refreshments late afternoon on Wednesday
  • Teams have to attend both days of the event
  • The event will be held in the auditorium of Barclays Rise London, 41 Luke St, London, EC2A 4DP
Will meals be provided?
  • A light breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided each day. There will be pizzas, etc. early Tuesday evening. There will be refreshments during the Wednesday afternoon prize giving and networking event
  • There is a café on site to keep your team caffeine fuelled.
What facilities are available?
  • WiFi, workspaces and break-out areas will be provided
  • Participants will need to arrange and pay for their travel and accommodation, if necessary.

For additional information, please contact BarclaysCBDCHackathon@barclays.com

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