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Barclays DerivHack 2019

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1. Participant Pre-Event Checklist Download
2. ISDA CDM v2.5.4 (Official release for the event) JAVA Download
DAML Download
3. ISDA CDM v2.5.11 (Minor release to support bug fixes for Functional Spec syntax and code generation, no changes to the data model. Version 2.5.4 will continue to support all use case data) JAVA Download
DAML Download
4. Pre-Event Use Case Document Download
5. Pre-Event Test Trades Download
6. Pre-Event Excel Trade Mock-up Download
7. Digital Asset Platform Instructions Download
8. R3 Platform Instructions Download
9. Algorand Platform Instructions Download
10. Event Use Case Document Download
11. Event Test Trades – Complete set of files for use case 1 through 7 Event Input
Event Output
12. Event Excel Trade Mock-up – For use cases 1 through 7 Download
13. CDM Functional Spec – How To Download

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Barclays Bank PLC, and its subsidiaries and affiliates seek to comply with laws concerning the entertainment of public officials and employees of state owned/controlled entities. If the applicable rules or policies of your organisation or jurisdiction prohibit you from accepting all or part of this entertainment, please email to xrabarclaysderivhack@barclays.com so that we may make the necessary arrangements.

Please note that your email address is held on our global contact database, which we use to send you this invitation and other marketing and business communications. We use your contact details for our own internal purposes only. This information is accessible by our international offices across the Barclays Group subject to local laws and regulations.

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