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Barclays CBDC Hackathon 2022
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CBDC Hackathon 2022

Tuesday, 27 – Wednesday, 28 September
In-person event at Barclays Rise London
41 Luke St, London, EC2A 4DP.

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There will be a panel of three judges for the Barclays CBDC Hackathon 2022. The panel will assess the participants' technical solutions and final presentations.

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Lee Braine

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Max Malcolm

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Keith Bear

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Lee Braine

MD, Advanced Technologies, CTO, Barclays

Lee Braine is a Managing Director in the Chief Technology Office at Barclays. He is the Distinguished Engineer for Advanced Technologies and his team drives Barclays technology engagement in distributed ledgers, smart contracts, digital currencies including central bank digital currencies, new industry standards in post-trade, quantum computing, machine learning governance, and intellectual property. He is a member of several industry committees including ICMA’s FinTech Advisory Committee and the Bank of England’s CBDC Technology Forum. He is the author of technology research papers and is a regular conference speaker.

Lee’s background is in investment banking, clearing and settlement, stock exchanges, corporate banking, and payments. Lee holds a First Class BSc and PhD in Computer Science from University College London.

Max Malcolm

Head of Solution Architecture – European CEO Office, Visa

Max Malcolm is a technical strategic advisor in the CEO office at Visa, with a current focus on looking at the challenges and opportunities of CBDC both for Visa and the industry as a whole. As a member of multiple industry committees including the Bank of England’s CBDC Technology Forum, Max is currently working on a series of white papers to build on the G7 principles for retail CBDC as means to drive design decisions. Prior to this Max was Visa’s lead architect in Europe and he has built on his technology background to shape and advise broader strategic business initiatives.

Max is formally diagnosed with ASD and sees neurodiversity as an essential benefit to any organisation. However, his personal passion is payment systems, economics, and financial infrastructures which he has studied at a number of different institutions.

Keith Bear

Fellow, Centre for Alternative Finance, University of Cambridge

Keith Bear is a Fellow at the Centre for Alternative Finance, focused on research, industry collaboration and development of blockchain, digital assets and fintech innovation within financial services. He is working actively on CCAF’s focus on digital asset research and teaches CBDC on CCAF’s online course for global regulators. Previously, Keith was responsible globally for the strategy, development and execution of IBM’s business in financial markets, working extensively with global clients on major transformation programmes at exchanges, banks, asset managers and trade finance organisations.

Keith is a Board Advisor to five fintechs, a Board Member at DFNS (a digital asset wallet provider), a lead mentor at the Techstars/ABN Amro Fintech and Web3 accelerators, a member of the Technology and Operational Resilience Committee at the London Metal Exchange, and a member of WEF’s Expert Council. He is also a member of the European Securities and Market Authority’s Consultative Working Group for Financial Innovation, and the Bank of England’s CBDC Technology Forum.

Keith holds a MA (Hons) in Physics from University of Oxford, an MSc from University of London, and completed a Master of Business Management programme at the London School of Economics.

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