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Barclays CBDC Hackathon 2022
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CBDC Hackathon 2022

Tuesday, 27 – Wednesday, 28 September
In-person event at Barclays Rise London
41 Luke St, London, EC2A 4DP.

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Background material

The Bank of England’s description of UK Central Bank Digital Currency contains several valuable resources including:

  • A discussion paper that describes their 'platform model' for potential UK CBDC provision
  • Minutes and presentation material from the external CBDC forums for technology and engagement.
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The Bank of England’s Platform Model for CBDC provision. Adapted with permission from the Bank of England.

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Barclays released a paper titled ‘An Illustrative Industry Architecture to Mitigate Potential Fragmentation across Central Bank Digital Currency and Commercial Bank Money’. Hackathon participants will code solutions to a series of challenges that involve connecting to a Barclays simulation of both a central bank API and commercial banks APIs, shown in the diagram below from the Barclays paper.

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Barclays’ illustrative industry architecture for UK CBDC

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Event materials

The following resources were provided to the hackathon participants before and during the event:

  • Pre-event exercises (distributed to participants on 13th September): Participants were provided with access to Barclays’ simulation, API specifications and a set of pre-event exercises to familiarise them with the simulation and allow them to setup their environment prior to the hackathon
  • Event schedule (distributed to participants on 23rd September)
  • Challenges (distributed to participants on the first day of the hackathon, 27th September): Participants were provided with a series of five challenges that increased in complexity, allowing participants to build their solutions incrementally. Participants were free to choose the final stretch challenge to demonstrate their creativity and innovation.
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