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Barclays DerivHack

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Thursday, 20 September – Friday, 21 September 2018

At Rise London and Rise New York

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Could you design a smarter derivatives market?

Barclays is partnering with Deloitte, ISDA, and Thomson Reuters to sponsor the 2018 Barclays DerivHack. This hackathon event provides an exciting opportunity for market participants across the industry to code and showcase solutions that will increase the efficiency of derivatives processing.

Innovation is critical to our industry as it increases competitive advantage and provides meaningful differentiation to companies. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain and distributed ledgers, offer an exciting opportunity to overhaul derivatives post-trade processing and achieve step-change in efficiency gains. To fully realize the benefits, industry must address existing fragmentation in data and processing.

The challenge

ISDA’s Common Domain Model (CDM) takes the first step towards this by establishing common process and data standards. DerivHack participants will have the opportunity to apply the ISDA CDM™ using emerging technology enablers to solve for representative use cases in post-trade processing. Barclays will set challenging use cases to simulate the derivatives market and will provide sample trade data in ISDA CDM™ representation to implement them.

What do we want to achieve?

Barclays DerivHack provides an opportunity to explore the practical implementation of ideas, partnerships and a feasibility assessment of applying the ISDA CDM™ on emerging technologies.

The event will run over two days at the Barclays Rise facilities in London and New York on 20 September and 21 September. A panel of independent judges drawn from the industry, academia and public sector will judge the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed solutions and prizes will be awarded.

You are invited

In addition to exciting prizes for winners, join us to benefit from:

  • Experience – deepen your understanding of the ISDA CDM™ and its design features
  • Network – tap into a network of experts from ISDA CDM™ industry groups, academia and fintech providers
  • Exposure – participating teams will be referenced in an independent report and can potentially explore commercial opportunities for their solutions.
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For further information please contact

Deloitte ISDA Thomson Reuters
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