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Barclays DerivHack

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1. ISDA CDM Introduction

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2. CDM Design Principles

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3. CDM Features Overview

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4. CDM Events Overview

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5. Preliminary Use Case Walkthrough

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Team/Participants requirements

What are the team size requirements?

  • Teams sizes can range from one to four people
  • If you wish, you may enter as an individual competitor and, if interested, we can pair you with other participants to form a larger team.

Can I enter teams for both the New York and London locations?

  • Organisations can enter a different team for each location, but the teams must operate independently, as they will be judged as two separate teams.

What skills are required?

  • It’s a hackathon, so at least some members of the team must be able to code. Teams will be expected to simulate a market environment on a DLT or enterprise platform
  • Familiarity with both Java and JSON is necessary. This is because the CDM artifacts for the hackathon use cases will be in JSON format and the CDM library is in Java
  • Familiarity with derivatives post-trade processing is helpful, but not essential, as the use cases will focus on programming typical events in the post-trade space.

What are the technology/set-up requirements?

  • Each team will be expected to provide their own hardware (e.g. laptops). They will also be expected to attend the hackathon with access to their selected DLT or enterprise platform, in order to complete the use cases
  • Teams are free to choose their own platforms and coding language. Test data will be in JSON format
  • Prior to the event, teams will be required to download from event website, the latest ISDA CDM version and test trade data.

Technical details

Are there any additional details that participants need to be aware of?

  • Sample CDM JSON documents in CDM Distribution pack
    The files in the CDM Distribution pack under /json-xml-documents/json are not 100% valid CDM JSON documents. They represent the current state of work that is on-going as part of the ISDA CDM Design Working Group. For a set of valid sample CDM JSON documents, please refer to the Barclays DerivHack website under Downloads -> Hackathon data
  • XML or FpML to CDM Conversion
    As part of the CDM there is no functionality to convert XML or FpML documents into CDM. You will not be required as part of the hackathon to convert between XML and CDM.
    Java code examples of how to make use of the CDM will be made available on the Barclays DerivHack Portal in the coming days.
    If you have requirements to integrate CDM with FpML or an XML based data model as part of further work, then you will require further tooling
  • CDM Examples
    REGnosys has shared examples based on CDM and Rosetta java api for tasks such as serialisation, validation, etc. This is available along with the model downloads
  • Use case data – UC1_Setup.json
    The data provided for the Setup use case is a representation of static reference data that CDM uses in the event model.
    It represents the minimum information required to represent counterparty data for the hackathon, but it’s not a CDM object. So, it will not de-serialise into a CDM Party object. It’s used in the data for New Trade Event use case.


What will happen on the day?

  • Participants will arrive from 08:30 local time to register and for breakfast. The hackathon will kick off at 09:00
  • Teams will be set use cases to work through
  • Teams will have the remainder of Thursday and all day Friday to complete the use cases
  • Teams will make appointments with the judges to present their solution to the use cases and be scored. Judges will be available on Thursday and Friday afternoons
  • Each team will be given the option of providing a two minutes public presentation of their solution. Note this will be viewed by press journalists in the audience and a video may also be uploaded to social media such as YouTube. This presentation step is optional
  • The winner at each location will be announced at the end of Friday.

Will meals be provided?

  • A light breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided each day. There will be drinks during the Friday prize giving and networking event
  • There is a café on site to keep your team caffeine fueled.

What facilities are available?

  • WiFi and workspaces will be provided at Rise
  • For additional requirements or access information, please contact Barclays DerivHack.


What role will Barclays, Deloitte, ISDA and Thomson Reuters play?

  • Barclays is hosting the hackathon at the Barclays Rise locations. Representatives from Barclays will also be on the judging panel, and independent Barclays teams will be participating in the competition
  • Deloitte will be acting as an independent observer during the event, and will publish a report afterwards to highlight the key outcomes and learnings
  • ISDA is providing a version of the ISDA CDM for use exclusively in this hackathon. ISDA representatives will also be part of the judging panels
  • Thomson Reuters will provide market data for use in the hackathon.

Where can I find out more?

  • Webinars and supporting documents will be added to the website in the run up to the event. Developed with ISDA and Regnosys, these materials will walk through the ISDA CDM and provide an overview of the use cases
  • For any further questions, please contact Barclays DerivHack.
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